Search engine optimization is a technique that empower your website rank higher in Google. SEO is an essential part of evolving search engine marketing (SEM) or internet marketing tricks that helps promote your website in search engine so it may give you unique visitors and quality leads, more business and therefor finest growth. Being a part of online web services, Bonjour Infotech is an ethical online marketing agency that complies all the facts of doing SEO according to Google guidelines and promise to offer best possible results to their extreme clients.

We test our sites with Google’s PageSpeed Tools, to optimize load times and site performance. These foundational principles, along with quality content, a solid marketing strategy and content strategy, well-optimized internal linking, and quality outbound links, will give your site the edge in being found by your targeted customers. We will also get your site set-up with Google Analytics and Google Search Console (the SEO thing formerly known as “Webmaster Tools”), so you can track your site traffic and monitor SEO.

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